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With the amount of pre-packaged and processed goods that are available in stores, knowing exactly what you are putting into your body has become even more paramount today then ever…and more difficult. And reading the label can be just as daunting with packaging claiming "whole grain" and "no trans-fat" or ingredients as vague as "natural flavors" and words that only a scientist can pronounce.

In this episode of Health Nuts, Encinitas local and mother of three, Isabelle Baril-Ortley shares why she does not sacrifice her or her boy's health by taking shortcuts when buying food. Instead, she purchases local, seasonal produce to ensure it's freshness and heightened flavor. And in order to enjoy these seasonal goods later in the year, she stores some away through canning. By following a few simple steps using basic kitchen utensils, you too can begin canning your own food ensuring you know exactly what is in the jar.

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