Canoe Bookself


Introduction: Canoe Bookself

Made from scratch Canoe Bookself

Step 1: Making the Canoe

I made a mold of half a canoe.

I used maple as my ribs that ended up being my shelves.

setting up my mold I chamfered each rib to specific angle for strips to bend around

I used Oak for the bow which i bent to shape.

All strips are made from straight grain pine which i cut and tongue and grooved each one. Each are 1 1/2 " by 1/4".

Glued each strip one by one using bungee cords and clamps.

Step 2: Finishing the Canoe

Once dried whole canoe sanded

Mold stays with canoe for it turns to be your shelve and bottom

Rails were done with oak and glued to each side of the pine strip

Stained and varnished for finish look.

Step 3: Tools

Table saw


Clamps (lots)


spoke shave


band saw



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    Sorry I built a few years back so I don't have any pictures

    This looks great! If you have any pictures of the build process I'd love to see them!