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Introduction: Canoe Carrier/Dolly

This was built years ago, before I discovered Instructables, but I've been using it a lot recently and wanted to share. What better time than for the Wheels contest!?

This canoe carrier was upcycled from an old, junk baby stroller. Something vaguely similar to this in that it was a three-wheeler, except ours was unwanted, about to be trashed, and older (from the 90's).

We removed the breaks, chopped the frame up a bit, and bolted it back together. The end product was once (I believe, it was a while ago) the handle bar and the very bottom of the stroller. We used electrical tape and some other black, rubbery tape to cover the bolts, the cut ends, and where the handlebar foam once was. This served to protect our hands/legs/body parts and the canoe, and to prevent the canoe from sliding too much.

Using this carrier, I can load the canoe onto it, tie it down, and fill up the canoe with everything I need before pulling it behind me like a little trailer down to the boat launch. What is great too is that the carrier fits inside the canoe without taking up much room at all.

UPDATE 5/30 - I went out on the lake today, and added a photo of the carrier in the canoe.

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    3 years ago

    I did something very similar with an old fertilizer spreader for my kayak. I love the ingenuity. Keep up the good work.