Canoeists Survival Pack





Introduction: Canoeists Survival Pack

For those who love the outdoors here is a basic survival pack for canoe enthusiasts.

Step 1: Esentials

Theres a saying where i come from,never go anywhere in the woods without a good sharp axe.For this instructable i will suggest a hatchet for space saving purposes,although i will recommend an axe(it takes less energy to fall a tree with an axe)a hatchet will suffice.
Next you will need a knife (pic 2).A large hunting knife isn't necessary,a simple short knife with a comfortable handle will be more useful and easy to control,besides you have a hatchet in case any wildlife decide to take a bit out of you.

Step 2: I Have Made Fire!!

Next you will need to be able to make a fire,even on summer nights you can catch hypothermia,You will need to buy some waterproof matches,although there are other ways of making fires without matches most are time consuming not to mention physically draining with others.If you happen to find some swedish steel fire starter all the better.In a future instructable i will show how you can make waterproof matches from ordinary strike anywhere matches.

Step 3: Pots and Stuff

Now that your lost you will need something to purify your water.Buy or find a metal pot,something light and small enough to fit in your pack,next find some cutlery from a sporting goods store.What you can do without but i reccomend is having a plastic or metal cup.Theres nothing like warm tea to lift your spirits when lost or cold.

Step 4: Books

Buy a book on edible plants in the area you will be in,if something should happen to your map(you should always have a map)you might be stranded for days.Become familiar with the book,it may save your life or take it if your not careful.
Next find a small notebook,record your thoughts and anything that may be helpful.Study the wildlife such as grouse and record their habits,you may be able to kill a few for your dinner,yum.
Happy camping.



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    9 Discussions

    who makes that knife??? i cant read the name on the blade. i seriously have been searching for one just like it. i NEED to know

    2 replies

    See if this is it:

    Usual disclaimers

    I'm not sure,i didn't have a camera at the time so i "stole" it from google images.A small hatchet is preferred over a machete since the handle will absorb more energy and the head can withstand constant chopping over a longer period of time.

    throw in a penny stove and put it all in the pot...along with a smalll bottle of heet

    2 replies

    I should have mentioned this instructable is for the seasoned outdoors men.If you can build a fire and find a hooked branch for the pot to hang from there would be no need for the stove.Although it would be preferable in dry conditions where a forest fire is a risk.

    sure. it just depends on how you look at it. But a very good instructable indeed.

    Can you post photographs of your pack and it's contents? L