Canvas Make-up Roll



Introduction: Canvas Make-up Roll

Simple and quick to make, this make-up roll is a great gift for those in your life that really appreciate a handmade touch. I made this roll all with fabric I had lying around, and the design is super easy to customize or add to if you really want to make your roll more personal. This design is simple enough for a beginner to complete, but versatile enough for more advanced sewers to add their own embellishments if they want to.

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Step 1: What You'll Need

1. sewing machine
2. scissors
3. ruler
4. pencil or chalk (if you're using dark material like i am make sure you have something that will show up on it e.g. silver sharpie)
5. iron or hair straightener for pressing
6. 12" x 18" of fabric for the outside of the roll
7. 4" x 18" for the strap
8. one 12" x 18" piece and one 8" x 18" piece of lining fabric

Step 2: Starting the Pockets

Fold your 8"x18" piece of lining fabric in half the long way and press the crease with your iron or straightener to get a clean crisp crease (say that ten times fast)

what you should be left with is a 4"x18" piece of lining. lay the folded lining you just made on top of the right side of the 12"x18" piece of lining, with the folded piece's bottom/open edge lining up with the bottom edge of the 12"x18" piece as pictured. pin the folded piece's side and bottom edges to the 12"x18" pice and sew together. what you should have afterwards is one big pocket on your 12"x18" piece.

Step 3: Thinking About Your Pockets

At this point in the process you're going to need to decide what width of pockets you'll want in your roll. This all depends on what you'll want in it! for pencil's, small screwdrivers and eyeliner a 1" pocket will do, for lipstick, markers or combs i'd recommend 2", but a sparkling cider is probably just too big. For that I'd suggest a paper bag.


Before you start your pockets, make sure you you can fit all the sizes you want. This design is a 18" long roll so i did three 1" pockets, four 2" pockets and two 3" pockets and left 1" for seams. You're going to topstitch all of the pockets so make sure your fabric is right side up when you go to sew.

Since I didn't want to put any marks on the visible parts of my roll, I held the ruler up against the fabric and measured out 1" at the sewing machine (as pictured) and then just used the machine foot to mark the end of the inch and from there just sewed in a straight line up until the end of the pocket. You can see pictured what the finished pocket should look like. Finish the rest of your pockets in the same way

Step 5: The Strap

Take your 4"x18" piece for the strap and sew the long edges together with the right side facing out. Trim your edge here if you need to. Next, bubble the strap, as shown, so that the seam lies in the middle instead of on the edge. Take your iron or straightener and press the strap so that the seam stays in the middle and the strap is flat and crisp. After you press, go ahead and topstitch two lines down the sides of the strap (see the picture for reference) and two short lines along the top and bottom edges of the strap. This should leave your strap with a nice looking border. Trim your edges again if you need to.

Step 6: Attaching the Strap

On your 12"x18" piece for the outside of your roll make a mark close to the edge of the INSIDE of your fabric at 4" from the bottom. If you're making your roll taller than 12" then make your mark at whatever 1/3 of the total height is. Remember, when packing your finished roll, you'll begin by folding the top down, so when all packed up the roll will stand 8" instead of 12", and that's why we're attaching the strap at 4" instead of 6".
Flip your 12"x18" outer piece over and check where your mark on the other side is. Once you find the mark on the inside, measure about 3" into the fabric on the outside and pin the middle of your strap down at that point. You should be left with your strap pinned 4" from the bottom and 3" from the side on the right side of your fabric.
Once pinned, sew your strap onto the 12"x18" piece at or around the point where you pinned. For mine, I sewed in a small square around the place where i pinned.

Step 7: Sewing It All Together

Lay your finished lining 12"x18" piece on top of your finished outer 12"x18" piece with right sides facing each other. Pin the edges together. Leave the strap hanging out when you start sewing the other three edges together so that the fabric lays flat, and tuck the strap in only when you're sewing that edge. REMEMBER TO LEAVE A COUPLE INCHES OPEN FOR REVERSING. Trim the corners as shown. Flip your roll rightside out and then fold the fabric around the edges of your remaining hole down, press if you need to to keep the fringes from popping out of the hole and topstitch around the entire outside edge of your roll.

Step 8: YOU'RE DONE!

WAY TO GO! LOOK HOW NICE YOUR ROLL IS! Now pop some makeup/pencils/brushes/tools/whatever you want in there, fold, roll, tie and be on your merry way!!!

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