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Introduction: Canvas Painting

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Hello all

decided to change a bit the painting that i had

Sooooo i went a head and bought a blank Canvas paper and went crazy for it

Enjoy !

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Step 1: Canvas

Bought a 1.5 x 2 meter canvas blank paper.

placed it on the floor , took measurments and went a ahead a prepared a frame from wood

Step 2: The Frame


Step 3: Place Duck Tape

Duck tape the entire Canvas as you will .

You can do what ever structure you want, i decided to go for frestyle

Step 4: Let the Painting Begin !

Choose your desired Acrylic paints and go for it !

*Use a roller for best results

Step 5: Color Red

Step 6: Color Yellow

Step 7: Color Green and Blue

After finishinh with the paiting , let it dry over night

Step 8: Remove Ducktape!

Carefully remove the ducktape from the Canvas

Step 9: Go Marker Go !

I have seen on the Web that if you draw with a black marker all the shapes than you can get extra cool results

Soooo , guess what , went for it

Step 10: Done!

It was a quick 2 day work.

Easy and fun!

Hope you enjoy my Instructable ,cause i know i did

Have a great one


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    3 years ago

    very nice! Excellent use of colors. Great combination.


    3 years ago