Capacitor Car

Introduction: Capacitor Car

Today we will be building a 3D printed capacitor car that will actually take more than a day to build. What you will need is; a 3D printer, a computer hooked up to that printer, a boiler to get the extra printed material off, a small switch, some tape, the axle was aluminum, a nuts, two washer, and possibly scissors.

Step 1: Printing

First you will have to print out the chassis, along with the gears. You can use the files below to print out;

Step 2: Results

Some time later when it is done printing, put it in an industrial boiling bath to get the era material off of the 3D printed objects.

Step 3: Wheels & Axles

Now you can get your axle of (BLANK) and your wheels that fit in to your axles. It does not have to be anything specific. I used "B/P slick 500's" and the one that does not have it printed on it, but you could really use anything that keeps the chassis off the ground. You may want to lube up your axles before putting them together.

Step 4: Gear Fix

The big gear that goes on the back tire was a little to big for the axle. So you should put tape n the wheel like above and then put the gear in like above.

Step 5: Motor

The little gear will slide on to the motor. It will be a snug fit, so make sure you are ready to do it. the motor to use is called a (INSERT MOTOR NAME). Then you will do some soldering to the motor and the switch, to get the image above.

Step 6: Assembly

You will now put everything together.

Step 7: Finaly

All you have to do now is tape on the motor. (Just make sure the motor is able to come off & on and can still work.) The farthest we have got it to go is 115 ft (35.052 meters). The components are above.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This looks pretty good! Was this for a school project?