Capacitor Charger 350 Volts

Intro: Capacitor Charger 350 Volts


Step 1: Tools and Material

All you need is a soldering iron, wire cutters, and a bit of material.

Follow the video and its a matter of minutes until you made your own 350V cap charger.

!! Most simple set-up ever !!

Step 2: Instructional Video

FIRST STEP: Discharge the old capacitor!

SECOND STEP: Take a pic of both sides of the board!

Rip off the trigger transformer, its not really needed anymore.

Then, cut off the contacts on the side, and the battery "clip".

Reconnect the 2 pins, on my board, its was + to LED. Solder on the battery/switch combo.

Reconnect the new/or the old capacitor (by wire, in case you want it to store somewhere else).

Replace the old red LED with a new blue superbright LED...not a must.

Done :)

Oh and again...make sure you don't TOUCH anything....charged cap, BAD!

As soon as you heard the charging FIIIIIIIUUUUUU, make sure you short the cap, everytime you

have to solder or do something on the board!



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    Reply 2 years ago

    a) I miss a hi or please or thanks...
    b) I explained already...a diagram will NOT help anyone, all the boards vary...there are many diagrams, not just its senseless.

    The Science Brony-Selfmade-

    Reply 2 years ago

    a block diagram would be nice. The concept is good because of the transformer in the camera circuit board, however, I would not use this for big caps simply because they will draw lots of current and for extended times, this my not be safe.


    2 years ago

    Does the charger of a electric fly swatter work too?

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    A disposable camera or can you get it out of an old regular camera.

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    A camera has all needed parts as well, will just look a bit different.
    Disposable cameras are cheap, I would just buy one and use that for the charger.