Capo Snap (Pick Holder for Any Capo)




Introduction: Capo Snap (Pick Holder for Any Capo)

About: Maker/Inventor-thing [NYC x SF]

A holder for a single pick (ones that stamp out) that attaches to any capo

- 3D printer
- Support remover tool (Pliers, hammer/chisel :)

- 8/32 x 5/16 small pattern nut
- 8/32 screw
- 8/32 wing nut
- Super glue

- Capo

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Step 1: Print It!


Step 2: Remove Support

Best when freshly printed from my exp

CS Jaw:
Crunch out the stuff in the middle, remove the plate under the recessed nut feature, as well as by the fitting joint.

CS Body:
I found mallet to a precision screwdriver got out the overhang support quite well.

Step 3: Super Glue the Nut and Press In

Should sit tight and flush

Step 4: Snap in the Body and Create Wing Nut Fastener

Super glue the wing nut and bolt/screw together

Super glue the body to the jaw if you see fit ;)

Step 5: Ta-Da!

Step 6: (+1 More Step):

Cut out a piece of credit card and place between the Capo and the Wing Fastener

Cut a piece of sandpaper or some sort of nonslip surface on the otherside of the Holder.

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    3 years ago

    Great gift