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This is a cool, real "cup" cake. The cupcake is chocolate cappuccino flavor. The cup and the plate are made out of fondant. The smaller cupcakes are in a separate instructable here :

Step 1: Making the Marshmallow Fondant

You will need  :
-1 and 1/2 of 10 oz bags of Kraft mini marshmallows and
-4 cups of powdered sugar.

*This makes enough fondant to cover a 2-layer 8 inch cake. I used only approximately 1/4 of it for this cupcake. The rest of the fondant can be stored in the refrigerator for later use.*

Melt the marshmallows, place in mixing bowl, add the powdered sugar slowly until firm mixture. Knead on a surface lightly sprinkled with powdered sugar. Wrap and place in refrigerator to rest as cupcakes are made.

Step 2: Cupcake Batter

I used the box cake because it holds the fondant better.

You will need:
-Chocolate cake mix
-1/3 cup oil
-3 eggs
-3/4 cup coffee
-1/2 cup water
-cooking spray or shortening and flour to coat the pan
-ramekins or other style cups/pans for the cupcake

Mix ingredients together. Fill the cups 2/3 full. Bake at 350 F for 20 minutes or until done.

Step 3: Creating the Flowers

To create the flowers:

Use food color gel and mix well. Roll fondant thin and cut with small cookie cutters. You can make any shape you want, I chose to make flowers. The middle of the flowers is edible pearls. I used gumpaste glue to add the pearls.

Step 4: Vanilla Frosting for the Cupcake

-3 cups powdered sugar
-1/3 cup margarine or butter, softened
-1 1/2 teaspoons of vanilla extract
-2 tablespoons of milk, can add more if you want it to be more creamy

Mix powdered sugar and margarine/butter. Stir in vanilla and milk and beat until smoothed.
Frost the top and sides of cupcake.

Step 5: Creating the Cup and the Plate

-Roll the fondant out thin and cover the plate to create the saucer.
-To create the cup: roll out the fondant and cover the frosted cupcake. Carefully mold the fondant to the cupcake and trim off the extra. Let the fondant set for some time before turning the cake over.
-Once the cupcake is turned over, scallop the edges on the top of the "cup." Make a cup handle out of the fondant and attach to the cup using gumpaste glue. Add the flowers to the side of the cup using gumpaste glue.

*gumpaste glue: 1 teaspoon of water and a pinch of gumpaste.

Step 6: Finishing Up

Add vanilla frosting to the top of the cupcake to make the cappuccino foam and sprinkle cocoa for a visual effect. Enjoy the cup(cake) of cappuccino!



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Ha! A perfect thing to serve at a teaparty! (Well, if you make the cappuncino-part resemble tea with gelatin-layer?)

    Nice instructable!