Captain America Costume & Shield

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I wanted to make a Captain America costume from scratch so I set out to do just that. I started sewing the costume piece by piece so it was a custom fit, then I used an old pizza pan to use as the molding to hold the fiberglass resin in to create the shield. I laid one layer of fiberglass fabric along with 2 sheets of interfacing which I had a ton extra of to help give it strength. You'll see it drying in the photo. I used my dremel tool to cut off the edges and then sanded the whole thing down, painted it and finished the costume. The boots, I also made (previous instructable) to go with the costume. :) The mask I bought at Kmart, had to remove the latex insert bc it pushed the mask about an inch away from my face and looked really weird. The shield didn't come out perfect as when I left it outside to dry, it started to rain and warped some of the edges and gave little air pockets, but it didn't affect the front all that much.

I'm a photographer, so I quick snapped a photo...Hope you like it!

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