Captain America WWII Heater Shield

Introduction: Captain America WWII Heater Shield

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Hello, this was a project piece I had been thinoing of doing for a while. I stumbled across the materials one day and got started and it turned out better than I thought it would. enjoy

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Step 1: The Pattern

I found a 1/4 inch of aluminum on a scrap haul one day. once I cleaned it up I researched the form measurements online and then hand drew it all out.

Step 2: Forming

Once I hand drew the form out I sent it with a friend of mine to his machine shop where he bent it and cut out the pattern.

Step 3: Prepping

I used a coarse grit sandpaper to knock off the years of dirt buildup and such. once that was done, I prepped it by cleaning it with a soft wet cloth and primed it with a basic spray can primer from walmart. I went with gray primer due to the varied color scheme.

Step 4: Further Prepping and Taping for Design

The task of taping up for the paint design was somewhat taxing. Since there were no actual "paint measurements" or online layouts (not to mention this shield wasn't totally scaled out). I had to split the difference on the vertical stripes and hand draw the stars. All white parts were done last btw.

Step 5: The Finished Project

Well, here it is....the finished project. All walmart spray paint. A nice wall piece that was very inexpensive to make and was a good learning experience. my next one will be more for cosplay appearances so this was a good learning experience.

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    2 years ago

    It is so cool I like it.