Captain America Wing Hair Clips


Introduction: Captain America Wing Hair Clips

About: Whether you just need the final touches on your enchanted castle, or your crew quarters need an overhaul to start feeling like home, I've got you covered.

You have to show your Captain America pride some how right?

Step 1: Gather Materials!

1. White Felt

2. Black or Navy Felt

3. Small and Large Scissors

4. Masking Tape

5. Tacky Glue

6. Strong Adhesive like E600

7. Two Large Hair Clips

8. Pattern (above, the wing should be 3 inches wide from flat side to the curve up)

Step 2: Follow Along With the Video

Hope you enjoy your new hair clips. I have had a ridiculous amount of fun running around with these puppies so far.

I would be grateful if you voted for me in the Hair and Make-up Contest.

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    20 Discussions

    Oh, never mind! Your hair is still awesome though!

    Is that your real hair??

    By the way me and my sisters YouTube channel is sparkly cupcakes

    Even though it's a wig it looks fricken wicked and brutal I LOVE it your hair thing it is amazing and awesome

    1 reply

    Good lord your hair looks both amazing and incredibly complicated

    1 reply

    Thank you, although to be completely honest it's a wig. I can't possibly imagine putting all those colors in and maintaining them with bleach and dye.