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So, I went online, searching for what shoes Captain America wears bc I wanted to make a costume to be him. At first, I heard it was paratrooper boots, but then on a different website, I read it was old war boots. Regardless, I went on a search to buy a pair only to find any cool looking pair was way too expensive to buy just for fun. So I decided I was going to attempt to make my own. I knew I couldn't actually build a full pair of boots from scratch, but I found a pair of faded grey/black boots that were on sale at Khols for $25. They only had 2 pairs but luckily one of them was my size. I thought I'd try to sew a pair of "spats" to go over top of them to build them up to the knee like he wears in the movie.  I make costumes as a hobby so began sewing the spats, laying the material over the boots and custom fitting them to fit over the boot and on my leg as well. After they were sewn, I got my airbrush out and began to paint the material. I tried to paint it like faux leather as best as I knew how n how the fabric would accept the paint. Then I added a Velcro closure in the back (spray painted it to match) so it would be a tight fit and I kinda like how it turned out. I know his have a red tint to them but I kinda liked the weathered look these boots had so I just kept it grey. Now I just gotta go get some gloves n paint them the same way to match and finish the outfit. 



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    Oh wow. So stinking cool...I really like the criss-cross in the front. I assume that's a couple of elastic pieces that loop under the boot just in front of the heel? You could use these boots for a lot of different costumes! My husband needed Robin Hood boots last year - something like this would have been cool, easy, and cheap! You could even use faux leather, but I'm with you, I like your paint technique.. very creative, yet frugal, that's half the fun right? I am so drawn to stuff like this too-costumes and props. I wish I could turn that creativity/talent into an actual "job" - ha, I clean teeth for a living, of all things! But I love to watch them make things in the lab (go figure). Wondering what you do bc you're really talented!

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    Aw thank you. :) Yes, that's elastic straps under the heel and on the criss cross section also. :) I'm a performing in a touring group and I also work at Walt Disney World in the parades. On the side, I'm a photographer, and anything else I can get my hands on that's creative in any making things! :) Thank you for all you said!

    Of course...on this site, we all probably wish I correct? And I'd guess a good number ARE doing it, in one way or another. Making things, or taking things apart to see how they're made, and then the wheels start spinning on how you could tweak it for your purposes, etc. etc. heck, what are we waiting for?!