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Materials: Dark brown felt, chalk, round object for tracing, acrylic paint (black and brown), brown thread, hot glue gun, multicoloured brown/black yarn, red and white beads, and a small piece of red material.

Step 1: Trace Hat Shape

*On a piece of felt, trace a small round object such as a duct tape roll.

*Cut out.

Step 2: Fold and Sew

*Fold the hat up in 3 parts towards the middle with the center tucked up.

*Sew small x's on each side, use only a single piece of thread without cutting between x's.

Step 3: Add Paint

*Paint a line of black around the edge of the hat

*Paint some lighter brown areas on the hat to give it more detail.

Step 4: Create Red Bandanna

*Cut a long thin strip of red material

*Fold over and glue with a hot glue gun.

*Form a circle and glue to the inside of the hat.

Step 5: Create Hair

*Using multicoloured brown/black yard cut a bunch of pieces approximately the same length.

*Cut 2 pieces a bit longer to be used for the braids.

*For the braided pieces, tie a knot at one end and pull apart the thread to reveal 4 smaller strands. Cut off one strand so you are left with 3. Braid the yarn until it is the length of the other pieces. Add a small bead to the end and glue shut with a hot glue gun.

*Create one strand of only beads alternating between red and white in no apparent order.

Step 6: Attach Hair Pieces

*Attach all of the created hair pieces on the inside of the hat with a hot glue gun.

*Continue gluing until the sides and back are covered with hair.

Step 7: Put It On!

*Put it on your little friend.

*Have a photo shoot!

*Step back and enjoy your handiwork! (Though they might not want to wear it for very long, haha)



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    Reply 1 year ago

    Haha, yeah he didn't love it. But if he was in a comfortable position he'd tolerate it for a couple minutes.