Captain Planet Makeup Transformation!

Introduction: Captain Planet Makeup Transformation!

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Step 1: Blue Face

First taking my Mehron Metallic Palette I'm covering my face in the light blue.

Then taking my Urban Decay electric Palette with the light bright blue I'm going to set that paint.

Then taking an Ulta black eye liner I'm going to outline.

Step 2: Fill In!

Taking my Ben Nye aqua paint palette, The light green color will fill in my hair line and my eyebrows and the white will go in the mouth.

Step 3: Details

using a black liquid eyeliner draw a thin line on your mouth to give yourself cartoon teeth.

Then take black body paint to give yourself cartoon lines. Outline everything!

Step 4: Body

Use the mehron paint again to cover your neck and some of your chest.
Then using a eyeliner to outline again, and set the paint after that with the Urban Decay shadow again.

Step 5: Finish Up

Using the red from the Ben Nye palette to cove the rest of the shirt.

Add cartoon lines!

then take the dark blue from the urban decay electric palette for shadows.

Then use yellow to fill in the circle and an eyeliner to add the grid.

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