Capture Composite Video With a Video Camera




How to capture video using a video camera to tape then to your computer

Step 1: What You Will Need

You will need:

Source (something composite to capture)
Video Camera (with an A/V plug)
Female composite A/V connector (Alternative: male A/V cable (see step 3) this is probably the cable you got with your camcorder)

Optional: Fire wire cable (for computer capturing)

Step 2: Connecting the Source to the Camera

Plug in your A/V cable and connect source to A/V cable ends. If you don't have an A/V connector with female composite ends see step 3.

Step 3: Alternative to Step 2

If you only have a A/V cable with male ends.
Use a connector as show
Or just touch, solder, tape. Find some way to connect those suckers.

Side note: Male to male composite doesn't work as you can see. So why dose California make such a big deal about it?

Step 4: Turn on Your Source and Switch to VCR Mode

Pretty self explanatory

Step 5: Record Control

Depending on your camcorder you might have to fiddle with the settings to get this to work right.
On my Sony when I hit the record button it records to the memory card. So in the options I had to go to REC CTRL.

Step 6: Optional: Capture to Computer

Hook up your camcorder via fire wire. Capture via Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premier Pro, Final Cut Pro, Vegas Pro 8, what ever you want.



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    8 years ago on Step 6

    That was brilliant. How to do exactly what it was meant to do like the manual would have told you.