Capturing the Essence of a Lego Pirate Island

Intro: Capturing the Essence of a Lego Pirate Island

There are many things about a pirate island that makes it a pirate island. This can include 1. Thick vegetation 2. shipwrecks 3. Skulls and Skeletons 4. Treasure.

Step 1: Thick Vegetation

What would an island be without its thick vegetation? Going green will add color to your lego models not to mention the empty space it can take up.

Step 2: Skulls and Skeletons

What pirate themed thing doesnt have a skull? The skull is a thing that is heavely associated with Pirates.

Step 3: Shipwrecks

Shipwrecks. Another symbolic thing associated with Pirates is shipwrecks, such as Blackbeard off the coast of north carolina or Sam Bellamy off the coast of masachusets.

Step 4: Treasure

Pirates have always been known to love treasure and other things with a large pricetag. Every pirate island has to have a treasure of some sort.



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    Nice work! I think you nailed it, too.

    If you showed me this LEGO creation and said "what is it?" . . . I'd most certainly say "it's a Pirate Island!"