Car Battery Mig Welder




Introduction: Car Battery Mig Welder

My Mig welder quit working and I believe it was due to a transformer. So I turned it into a portable mig welder that is ran by car batteries.

This welder is perfect for Trail Rigs and for Off-Road.

Step 1: Out With the Old

Here is the inside of my old welder. I am only going to use a few parts from this as the new welder is very simple.

The only parts I need from the old welder are the DC motor Feed assembly, Spool holder to hold the wire spool, Ground cable, and the Mig gun.

Additional parts that I needed were:

- 24v DC PWM Motor Controller: You can find these on Ebay for about $20-$25

- Jumper cables

- Two 12v car batteries

- Toolbox: Got mine for $6 at Menards

- 24v switch so you don't have to detach jumper cables all the time

Step 2: Put It All Together

I used the tray in the toolbox to support all of the parts. The bottom section was used to store all of the cables and wiring.

I have some pictures of the top of tray, which turned out nice and clean. The underside doesn't look that pretty so I decided just to make a wiring diagram so everyone can better understand how I wired it instead of trying to follow wires in my pictures.

Step 3: Results

As you can see, it weld pretty good for being a toolbox welder. For a clean look I just disconnect the Welder leads and store them under the tray when I am done instead of having everything run out of holes in the side of the toolbox.

I will definitely be taking this out with me next time I'm out on the trails.

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Thank you for taking the time to look at this!



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    hey i did the same thing but i an having issues because my buddies all run optima blue top batteries so on sheet metal 1/16'" i blow a hole through it is there any way of wiring in a potentiometer or rheostat

    nice job dude i love it i fear that it may be a bit wastefull with needing two extra batteries the will need recharge though. what about adding an inverter so you could just use your stock battery. either way super awesome you should look into the alternator welder there great for trail rigs and i think you may be able to make one diy and show us how ;)

    1 reply

    Not really wasteful. Usually, you offroad in groups. Those other people also have batteries. Just have to make sure at least 1 battery remains so everyone can start!

    I registered to the site to vote for you , this is really what i was looking for .

    But i need the parts number so i can buy them please.

    Thanks very much

    2 replies

    And THANK YOU for signing up and voting for me!! If you hurry up and make this you can enter it into the "First time challenge contest". I would love to see it when you get done.

    thanks kurtz64 know where there is an old mig welder going to see if he got it

    then will do this thanks for posting very good job i voted

    nice job but where's the wiring diagram would be nice to see how you did that

    if you can please post it thanks

    2 replies

    I don't know where the pictures went. I added them but don't see them. I will get this worked out.