Car Begone- Life Saver- Bike Light Extender System.

"  The lives people lead are driving them crazy and their insanity comes out in the way they drive."
 (Factotum- Charles Bukowski)

I've noticed the increase in drivers who make me shriek by driving extremely close by.

It is scary. 

I came up with what I believe to be an entirely original idea but unlike my usual stupid offerings this could save my life or your life.

As a  prototype, I used a big wooden spoon to extend my backlight so that it stuck out as much as my handlebars.

It worked, the drivers gave me more room, but the idea needed refining and I needed my spoon back.

I decided to use an old kick stand because it can be tucked away behind the saddle and simply unfolds down into the ideal position when needed.

Please read on.

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Step 1: Tools and Materials


A kickstand.

A nut and bolt and various washers.

A bike light.


Two spanners.

A screwdriver.

Step 2: Affixing the Extender

Attach the kickstand to the seat stay with the nut and bolt and various washers.

Then attach the light to the end.

Step 3: Light Up, Light Down.

These GIFs should illustrate the point.

This works for me; I even use it in the day.

Safe riding to all velonauts.


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    11 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Back when I was in my 20's and my bike was my car, I noticed that the one time drivers were civilized was when I had my foot in a cast and crutches tied to my bicycle! Having a broken foot in Norfolk Virginia's heat was unconfortable, but it helped me to learn how to ride in city traffic! I had moved from an Alaskan where a traffic jam was waiting for 3 grizzly bears to cross the road (and not nearly as scary as city traffic)!

    Excellent idea. I ride a bike for commuting to work and anything I can add to be seen is great. I have flashing lights on my backpack now, but something like this will soon be added to the bike.

    1 reply

    Dear Wesley666,

    You are right , you can't have too many lights.
    My bike is like a Christmas tree in Winter.
    I used to have a brake light as well; that made me feel a lot safer.
    Although I am an ardent cyclist I must admit that many cyclists do ride in a dangerous way.

    Kind Regards


    This is a brilliant idea! I think it would be well suited for a front flashing light, to avoid getting car-doored. :(

    Thanks for the share!!!

    1 reply

    Dear Audreyobscura,

    Thanks for the comment.
    A front light version would be useful too . . . I tend to give parked cars about 2 to 3 foot of space as well.

    Kind Regards


    Great idea. I too have been shocked at how close car drivers get. I have been thinking of making an extra arm on my riding jacket that flaps up and down to make car drivers think that I am crazy, and give a wide berth. Would the extra drag be worth it?

    1 reply

    Dear Charles,

    That sounds excellent, especially if you have a glove sewn on the end.
    I read somewhere about a guy  riding along on in a clown suit and how the cars gave him a very wide berth.
    I think anything out of the ordinary makes car drivers think a bit more.
    Why not enter it into the competition ?

    Kind Regards