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Introduction: Car Bumper Quick Release Fasteners Installation

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Need to attach and detach your bumper quickly? Quick release fasteners are great for front bumpers, rear bumpers, and hatch lids that need to be frequently removed. They are perfect for people who go to the pits often and are not difficult to install. This is a permanent modification, so you will need to drill holes to attach the quick release fasteners. Choose from powder-coated anodized black, silver, red, blue, or gold finish.

You can get quick release fasteners and check out all the available colors at places like Amazon!

Step 1:

Mark where you will install the quick bumper release kit.

Step 2:

Drill the holes.

Note: It will be easier to drill into the bumper than the fender, due to the materials of these two components.

Step 3:

Install the aluminum knot.Put the washer on the other side of the bumper/fender. You will need a hex tool as well as a wrench to fasten everything together.

Step 4:

Afterwards, mount it back with the rubber band.

You can either put the rubber band in the normal way or even a cross with the same result.

Step 5:

This is a great mod for people who are always at the pits. As you can see, the installation does not take too long to install, and the drilling is completely worth it for the fresh new look. Enjoy your quick bumper release fasteners!

These quick release bumper fasteners are on Amazon for $13.99 with a ton of colors to choose from to match your car or have that accent look.

Special thanks to SunnyDope for the photos.

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    3 years ago

    What is the chance of your bumper being stolen when using these, say if you have a rare/expensive bumper?


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Oh this is just about the coolest thing ever. I have a front mount intercooler on my on my civic so I take the front bumper off all the time. I'm so doing this, looks cool too.

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