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Introduction: Car Dock

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I hate wires and like to make life easier, and I love car mods on the cheap so hear we go.

Step 1: Use My Power Converter

Needs to be powered without blowing, so use the step down from my first tutorial.

Step 2: Wireless Charging

I used a cheap version from eBay that came with charging pad for iPhone 6 and also the coil enclosed in plastic case. Took it apart and just used the coil. Tapped everything to the back. You might want the three coil diy from eBay.

Step 3: Magnet

Used one magnet, will probably get a stronger one, drilled a hole and placed it in. Snug fit. Used a round washer and placed it on the back of my phone so the phone stays in place.

Step 4: Relocate Stereo

Mighty Car Mods from YouTube show you how to solder a volume control from the amp, but I like being able to still play cd's... Call me stubborn to the old school. So I relocated my head unit to the arm glove.

Step 5: Future

Will use airport express mod to get music through wireless p2p wifi to my head unit. Stay tuned.

Step 6: Benifits

I like the fact that I can use it as a steady GPS, and I can remove it and stick in my pocket when I leave the car so no one is tempted and I have more peace of mind. No wires!!!! Is a +.

Step 7: Bluetooth Dongle

Added a $5 Bluetooth dongle for wireless listening.



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    7 Discussions

    It's cool thing in traveling! Useually when we go to Batumi, we rent a car. But if we will start on the own car - I'll use your advice

    Yeah the Bluetooth dongle works good. I got a apple AirPlay, sounds better.

    Bluetooth dongle...¿Work fine? ¿Sound with power enough?

    Fires inside the cabin are definitely not good. I'll keep an eye on it

    I love your dock, very clean.
    I tried a magnetic dock with the qi wireless charging adapters in my car, and it got so hot it nearly started a fire. So I went back to a wired dock.

    Thank you! Delicious! Road trip snacks!

    Great idea! How were the peanut butter cookies?!