Car No. 05 Second Stage


Car No.05 is the project aiming to make a programmed automatic driving car.


In First Stage, I assembled a smaller turning radius R/C chassis modifying Tamiya M-03R chassis x 2 units, and made a relationship table between steering servo value(steval) and turning radius(R, TR) in Excel sheet.

In this Second Stage, utilize the obtained relationship table in First Stage and make an Excel simulation program, to which car starting point, car starting direction and target pass points are input, then from which steval and car direction are obtained as automatic driving data.



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Step 1: Excel Simulation Program 1

Make an Excel simulation program as per attached.

In this simulation program, car starting point, car start direction and target pass points are provided as input data, then steval(steering servo value) and car direction every 2 rollings of tire are obtained as output data. These output data will be utilized for automatic driving.


The obtained relationship table between steering servo value(steval) and turning radius is set in “Table” worksheet.

In “DrivingControl” Worksheet, input car starting point (E23 and E24 Cells) and car direction (E18 Cell).

In “Point” Worksheet, input target pass points.


161-168 Rows are output data for automatic driving, which will be converted for Processing code.


In “Graph” Worksheet, target pass points and car trajectory are shown.


Adjust the figure in E42 Cell to make car trajectory smooth.


Step 2: Excel Simulation Program 2

Confirm the output data accuracy with another Excel simulation program.

Copy F156:BR156 Cells of Excel Simulation Program 1 and special paste as value to F77 Cell in “DrivingControl” Worksheet of Excel Simulation Program 2.

Compare each graph of Excel Simulation Program 1 & 2, or compare car coordinates (22-24 Rows for Program 1 and 16-18 Rows for Program 2) and confirm these are similar.

I also draw the car trajectory with CAD. 

Step 3: To Be Continued

From next Car No.05 Third Stage, start the trial of various version of automatic driving control system. In Third Stage, PC will be mounted on car body top and tachometers will be attached to both front tires.

Utilizing the steval data obtained in this Second Stage, plain-vanilla version of automatic driving control system will be tested.


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    Thank you for your comment.
    I have tried to explain the Excel Simulation Program.
    To put it shortly, once Target Passing Points are provided, Car Trajectory can be simulated as shown in "Graph" worksheet.