Car No.04 I Have Integrated Batteries, Modularized a Bit, and Applied Advanced Net.USB

I have integrated batteries.  Power for USB Device Server and Wireless Broadband Router is provided form Ni-Cd battery for R/C car.

Mounted devices are modularized. 
By attaching this module (plus Webcam), R/C car becomes “Steering Wheel Drive R/C Car”. 

Here I made CC-01 Unimog
Steering Wheel Drive R/C Car”.

Also, I have applied an advanced net.USB.

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Step 1: Procurement

R/C Car

- Chassis and Body  Tamiya MERCEDES-BENZ UNIMOG 406 SERIES U900 CC-01 CHASSIS

- Motor  ATLAS AT7-153 Rock-Climber Stock Motor 130T

- Servo  Futaba 404PD

- Speed Controller  Tamiya TEU-104BK

- NI-Cd Battery  1500mAh 7.2V 


Mounted devices on R/C Car

- Arduino Duemilanove

- Arduino ProtoShield Kit  DEV-07914

- Bluetooth Modem  BlueSMiRF

- 006P Nickel hydride battery  GP20R8H 200mAh 8.4V

- Web Camera  Microsoft LifeCam HD-5000 7ND-00006

- USB Device Server  I-O DATA US high-speed model ETG-DS/US-HS (net.USB)

- Wireless Broadband Router  MZK-MF300N

- Space-Efficient Boost and SEPIC DC-DC Regulator  LM2735

- 5V 1A Low Dropout Regulator  LM2940CT-5.0 kit

- Lubic, etc


PC side (Same as Car No.02 and Car No.03 of my Instructables)


Step 2: Assembling

Assemble R/C car in accordance with Assembly Manual.

Get the center value of servo(s) and set up speed controller. (Refer to Car No.02 or Car No.03 of my Instructables.)

Attach Lubic mount and Webcam.

Module assembly

7.2V for R/C Car, 5V for Wireless Broadband Router and 12V for USB Device Server are obtained by the following way.

    7.2V: Ni-Cd battery
    5V: Ni-Cd battery --> Low Dropout Regulator(LM2940CT-5.0)
    12V: Ni-Cd battery --> Low Dropout Regulator(LM2940CT-5.0) --> Boost and SEPIC DC-DC Regulator(LM2735)

  - Attach 12V and 5V power supplies on acrylic plate. Adjust volume on LM2735 to make output 12V.

  - Attach wireless broadband router, USB device server and 006P battery on acrylic plate with double-faced  adhesive tape, attach Arduino+ProtoShield+Bluetooth Modem on USB device server also with double-faced adhesive tape, and fix the module on Lubic mount and wire/connect.

Step 3: Code

PC side setup, Processing and Arduino codes, and starting are same as Car No.03.

Arduino code


Processing code


In this Car No.04, right and left turn become reversed.

Adjust xa calculating formula in void serialEvent() and void keyPressed().

xa = (98-32)/(camWidth_*k_)*x+32; // 0-->32, camWidth_/2*k-->65, camWidth_*k-->98



Step 4: Trailer for Car No.05

Car No.05 is the project aiming to make a programmed automatic driving car.


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