Car Parking Sensor Using Arduino and Ultrasonic Sensor

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Intro: Car Parking Sensor Using Arduino and Ultrasonic Sensor

Its very irritating or difficult to turn your head sideways and backwards each time you're in a narrow lane or while you're parking your car. So this sensor helps you and you can comfortably park your car.

Whenever your car comes near any object, the buzzer will ring and the LED will glow so that you don't get your car damaged.

Step 1: Components Required

1) Arduino Uno

2) Ultrasonic sensor

3) LED & Buzzer

3) Breadboard & a few jumpers

Step 2: Connections

1) The "trig" pin of the sonar senor sensor was connected to Digital pin 2 of the arduino and "echo" to Digital pin 3. Vcc was connected to 5V and GND to ground.

2) The +ve pin (longer pin) of the LED to Digital Pin 12 and -ve to Ground

3) The +ve pin (longer pin) of the Buzzer was connected to Digital Pin 10 and -ve to Ground.

Step 3: Code

The code is very simple. Just set the distance threshold. You can get the code over here:



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