Car (SUV)





Introduction: Car (SUV)

This is my first thing it is a car if you want to you can call it an SUV, the weird thing was when i was building it i didn't have any idea what i was making i was more interested in k'nex guns.After like 30 minutes i finished it some how and ended up with this.

Step 1: Knex Car (SUV)

second picture.

Step 2: The Back Side

This is the back side.



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    Now this is a K'Nex truck (showing off its rubber band suspension articulation on the roof of a true electric 4WD vehicle.)
    Both created by me completely from scratch and a bit too much time.

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    the only problem with knex is that the axle rods wear out after some time of use...and replacing it is not possible...1 needs to buy a completely new set...

    nice job mate!!!pretty impressive...i had a knex set too...i also made a semi truck...and a and my friends would get together and make diff models and then crash it up against 1 another to see whose design was the strongest..!!

    Wow amazing...but could you just tell me how & where did you use the rubber band suspension?

    I made an SUV that is about 1.3 feet long and has a grenade launcher on top. Its full of support. it has no motor but it is huge and REALLY good looking. Its based on the GMC Yukon XL Denali. It has lights and gull-wing doors( the ones that open up) and 2 seats and its all wheel drive. you can switch between fwd,rwd and ways a pound and has a huge bumber and frame. And last but not least, it has a knex gun mounted on top that is very powerful. It is about 7 or 8 inches heigh and makes a diesel engine sound when you push it. Should I post it? PPPLLLLEEEEAAASSSEEEEE RESPOND!!

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    I made a knex 18-wheeler and trailer that could support 90 lbs. After a few years I needed to change the design because the "axles" kept wearing out... (the wheels wore out the grey rods) and ended up making another Rig and matching trailers....

    NICE!!!! i remember when i had K-nex i had made a motor-cycle!!!!.