Car Stereo Amplifier Based on Tda2050 - Tda2030a by JLCPCB

Intro: Car Stereo Amplifier Based on Tda2050 - Tda2030a by JLCPCB


TDA 2050 is a monolithic integrated circuit in Penta Watt package, intended for use as an audio class AB audio amplifier. Thanks to its high power capability the TDA2050 is able to provide up to 35W true RMS power into 4 ohm load @ THD = 10%, VS = ±18V, f = 1KHz and up to 32W into 8ohm load@ THD = 10%, VS = ±22V, f = 1KHz. Moreover, the TDA 2050 delivers typically 50W music power into 4 ohm load over 1 sec at VS= 22.5V, f = 1KHz. The high power and very low harmonic and crossover distortion (THD = 0.05% typ, @ VS = ±22V, PO = 0.1 to 15W, RL=8ohm, f = 100Hz to 15KHz) make the device most suitable for both Hi Fi and high class TV sets.



The PCB board used in this project is provided by and it is the 2 layer board in which you do not have to put any of the jumpers on the board and the board's quality is great due to which the Low Pass Filter's quality is great and totally noise proof. If you want to make your own custom based board the you must visit and order your first 10PCB boards only for 2$ and without any shipping costs.

BOM's (Build On Materials)

-Tda2050 / Tda2030a Integrated Circuits X 2

22K X 8
680Ohm X 2
1K X 1

(All Resistors are of 1/4Watts)
1000UF / 50V X 3
0.1UF X 2
100UF X 2
22UF X 2
100N (Non Polar) X 1

Step 1: Solder All the 22K Resistors

First of all, take the PCB board and solder all the 22K resistors which are total 8 in this circuit.
Put all the resistors in their places first and then turn around the board to solder them.

Step 2: Solder the 680Ohms Resistors

There are only 2 resistors that are of 680Ohms and just put these resistors at their places on the PCB board and solder them.
-- Now You are done with the resistors

Step 3: Solder the 1000UF and 100N Capacitors

Now, Solder the 1000UF capacitor which is in the center of the PCB board and then solder the 100N or 104 (Non Polar) Capacitor along with the 1000UF capacitor.
These Capacitors are basically the Power Supply's Capacitors for filtering purpose and giving the filtered power to the amplifier.

Step 4: Solder the 100UF Capacitors

Now Take the two 100UF/50V Capacitors and put them in their places on the board and then solder them.

Step 5: Solder the 0.1UF Capacitors

Now Take the 0.1UF/50V Capacitors, put them in their places and then solder them.
These capacitors are at the audio input stage of the amplifier for filtering the noise or any unwanted signal from the audio input source.

Step 6: Solder the 22UF/50V Capacitors

Take the 22UF/50V Capacitors and place them in the PCB board and solder them.
All the capacitors are now soldered in the PCB.

Make sure that the voltage rating of all the capacitors should be of 50Volts or more for the good performance of the circuit.

Step 7: Solder the 1000UF Capacitors

Finally, Now solder the 1000UF capacitors that are at the output stage of the amplifier and the purpose of these capacitors is to filter the output which is going to the speakers and giving the balanced output in low range, mid range and the high range.

Step 8: Solder the TDA2050 Integrated Circuit

Now , Finally take the two IC's Whether it is TDA2030 or Tda2050 or Tda2040 All can be used in the circuit,
But i will recommend to use the tda2050 integrated circuits to get more higher power at the output.
After soldering the IC's You can also solder the 1K Resistors and the status LED to indicate the working of the system.

Step 9: Add the Good Quality Heat Sink to the IC's

As these Integrated Circuits generates much heat during their operation, so you must have to put a good Quality Heat sink to the Integrated circuits so that they do not get so much heat up and all heat is absorbed by the heat sink and in this way there will be much low heat and power dissipation and the IC will work more efficiently without the Power Output Loss.



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