Car Stereo Boom Box

Hi this is my First inscrutable and my second project so here is goes . Ive always wanted to build a loud portable speaker that i could take to house party's and general outings , So i decided to build this one and this is how i did it .....

Step 1: Materials,tools and Parts Required.


A bog standard car stereo with Aux input

Car Stereo

Three ON-OFF-ON switches


A old desktop pc PSU

Two ON-OFF rocker switches

Rocker switch

MDF wood, 6 bits ( Front,Back, 2 Sides,Bottom and Top)

1 Car jump starter with an inbuilt charger and heavy duty battery


A Bluetooth Audio receiver with aux output

Bluetooth Receiver

12v to 5v step down converter


Soldering Iron


Wire (About 5 or 6 meter of red and black colored wire so that you can use this as the positive and negative)

Hot glue gun with glue sticks

wire cutters and strippers

Screw drivers

Screws of your choice

heat shrink or tape

Step 2: Building the Enclosure

To build the enclosure i used six bit of wood for the bottom,top,back,2 sides and the Front. i cut them out so it would make it a rectangular shape so that i could fit everything in all neat and tidy, i then glued and screwed it all together to create a strong enclosure to house all the components. i then marked on where i was going to have the speakers and the stereo also i made sure that there was plenty of space so i could place the switches on the front of the boom box. then before everything could get cut out i measured the space between the speakers and the stereo to make sure that everything lined up together.

Step 3: Choosing the Amplifier

when I was choosing the amplifier it was an easy choice because even though car stereos consume a lot of power they are loud and easy to work with it give out 80w per speaker so I had plenty of power to work with
Warning : A car stereo requires a voltage of 12v and between 15-17 amp no higher than 17 because you will most probably fry the circuit

Step 4: Installing the Switchs

when I was choosing which switch I was going to use for my project I used 2 10A ON-OFF-ON switch one to control the current between the battery and mains to power the stereo and the other one to control the current of the battery and mains adapter to power the Bluetooth receiver (more about the Bluetooth in the next page) I was wanting a switch that I could use with battery and mains output from the pc psu so this was an easy choice because I have created my boom box in such a way that I am able to used everything on battery when I'm out and not near a power outlet and when I'm in somewhere with electricity I can run the speakers of mains and still charge the battery at the same time

Step 5: Adding Bluetooth

I decided to add Bluetooth to my build because it would be easy to connect a mobile device to the speaker that using a standard aux input connection so I purchased one off Amazon for £8.50 which was quite cheap compared to other suppliers . once it arrived I tested the receiver on my stereo and found that the battery that was built in the the unit was a low amperage battery so I decided to use a 12v to 5v step down circuit ( I have included the link in the parts page so you can build one your self ). once I had built the circuit I connected it up according to the circuit diagram and it increased the running time of the Bluetooth module

Step 6: Putting Everything Together

once I had all the parts and tools I started to fix everything in to the enclosure the switchs was a little tricky to glue in but I got the eventual all so I had to work out where all the wires was going on the switchs the best thing to do is to research on off on switch wireing diagram but my best hope to any one who reads my project and if there is any questions please don't no hesitant to ask me anything please just comment below and I will get back to you

Thankyou for look at my instructions on how to build a loud boom box with a car stereo ...



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    12 Discussions


    2 years ago

    hey great build man!
    wwhat's the battery you used and how's the battery life?


    4 years ago

    Abrymora: 1 I got the Bluetooth receiver from Amazon uk just type into Amazon Bluetooth receiver 2 I used a three way switch in the motion of on off on I got my parts from maplins or RadioShack if your from America :) I have included a picture of how I did it and I used a 12v 17amp sla battery out of a car jump starter so I could use the charger from it :)

    2015 4:20 pm.jpg
    2 replies

    this switch diagram looks incorrect. negatives should be separate and connected . centre should go to radio. either side go to alternate power source.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    one comment a psu rail that can supply more than is used is often more desirable. a psu just makes power available the device (in this case audio system) will ony draw what it needs


    Great question:) the reason why I didn't use the 5v output of the power supply unit is because the model that I used didn't have a positive 5v output so I decided to use a 12v to 5v converter if you would like the circuit diagram please just ask :)


    5 years ago

    1. What's the link to the Bluetooth receiver?
    2. How did you make the switch between battery and PSU or how does it look like. That's a great idea, cause I'm building exactly the same thing and I came across your instruct able and hmm it gave me a little inspiration?
    3. What battery are you using.
    Thanks for reeding