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I needed a stereo in the den of my new home and did not really want to spend much money. When moving I found a older car stereo I no longer used and a few speakers. I also knew I had a old PSU laying around so I decided to make a cheap stereo out of things I had. I spent $5 total on building this and it took me just a few hours.

Car Stereo
Speaker Wire
Car Speakers
Speaker boxes (homemade is an option)
A box to put them in (make sure to measure the size of your stereo plus your PSU, which I failed to do)
Wire strippers and crimps
Something for cutting the box.

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Step 1: Gather Supplies

Get all the things needed to begin.

Step 2: Which Wires Go Where??

*Make sure PSU is NOT plugged in to anything!!!*

To begin. Get the big plug from the PSU containing many different colored wires. You only need 2 for this. The green one and any black one. All black are ground. You have two options.
1) Connect the 2 pins like in the picture
2) Cut the 2 wires, strip them, crimp the together.

I did option 2 because it seems less likely to come apart.

From the other set of cables on the PSU choose one black and one yellow. Strip both of these. They will be needed in the next step.

Car Harness

From the car harness get your yellow and red wire (usually its these colors) Strip them about an inch down and twist them together.
Next connect these with the yellow from the PSU and crimp these together.

Get the black ground wire from the harness and strip it and connect it with the black from the PSU.

If done correctly you can now test out the unit. Plug in power to PSU and the harness to stereo. It should power on if done correctly.

Step 3: The Box

I used a wooden box from Michael's that I got for $2.50 with a coupon that comes every week in the mail :]

Measure twice cut once
Do as I say, not as I do.
I measured the stereo and then roughly measured on the box. I cut a bit smaller than needed because making the hole bigger is easier than cutting a whole nex box.

I used a x-acto knife and a pocket knife because that's all I had available at the time and it did a horrible job. But for me this is more of a temporary installation so that's okay.

Cut a hole for the PSU plug also.

Vent Holes
Drill plenty of vent holes for the PSU fan to blow out. Cutting out a square might be even better. More than what i did is definitely needed.

Holes for the wires are also a necessity. Size depends on wire thickness.

Step 4: Assemble

Put everything in the box and if done right should come out good. (Unlike mine.)

Step 5: Wiring Speakers

You can run as many speakers as allowed by your headunit. I have 4 extra Sony XPLODs laying around but only wanted 2. They are more than enough for me. Seeing as how they are new they were still in the cardboard boxes so i cut out a hole and left them there. The "box" does the job.

To wire them follow your headunit instructions. Simple enough. You can add front and rear speakers for surround sound if wanted. If you have and AUX port on it then you can plug it in to your TV and have a surround sound system.

Step 6: Pros and Cons

The Current setup is a simple practice run. I plan on getting real speaker boxes and a bigger box for the headunit and properly cutting it. This will all be at a later time.

Can run multiple speakers. I can run 4 and have heard off some people running a sub and amp too!
Can use old materials and be even cheaper!
I can watch videos on mine and it has radio and AUX in and a SD card slot!
Mine actually has RCA inputs so if I wanted to I could plug in any RCA out device and view it on the 8" screen.

Sound quality depends on quality of materials, so this can go both ways.
If you dont have any of these things it can be pricey.
You have the chance of frying your equipment if done wrong.

I personally like this and can post a video of it in action if requested by anyone.

Hopefully you enjoyed my first 'ible and maybe I'll make a version 2 someday.
Thanks for viewing :]

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    3 years ago

    Hey man, it really good system. Can you post a video that will helps everyone how to do clearly?

    A PR

    3 years ago

    wowowowowowowo...superb really works..thanks alot

    A PR

    3 years ago

    wowowowowowowo...superb really works..thanks alot


    3 years ago

    Thank you, but i did the same and it ran, but when i increase the sound to 25 the sterio deck shuts down, can you please tell me what to do so i can run it at full volume.


    3 years ago

    Hey man can you make a video about it. It would better help me understand.


    4 years ago on Step 6

    hiii, i have an amp and a subwoofer. so plz guide in how to do it okay.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    how powerful was your amp and did you have any problems with the PSU cutting out when you tried to power up the amp?


    5 years ago on Step 6

    I had everything I needed lying around in boxes and just installed a car stereo in my garage using this tutorial. I didn't do the housing box, but rather mounted it all under a shelf. It takes up so little room as opposed to a home stereo, and works great. Just need to figure out the antenna, but as far as just playing CDs it's terrific.Thanks a ton!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    MAN OH MAN!! IT REALLY WORKS GOOD INSTRUCTIONS !!!! I followed everything just like you said !! I am working creating the ultimate ps3 desk set up to compliment my 7.1/3d surround sound theater .Now thanks to you my old jensen 9312hd multimedia system( i brought back in 2009 ), I had lying around from my old car ,is the center piece of my entertainment hub .thax so much this really showed me that anybody can do a little engineering if they put there mind to it !!!!! Thax once again i will give you a shout out when i debut it on youtube (my youtube name is thedon22z) !!!!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Nice! I did this as well....


    This is actually a great idea. Your own entertainment unit in your office. Most of those double DIN bigscreen radios also have iPod cables to dock your iPod. Don't forget to mount the iPod docking cable on top. It shouldn't take a lot of effort. You could even use an external camera to monitor the front door. I just picked up one of these for my car $159 shipped on eBay. (replaced stolen stereo) Mine came with a remote. That is a lot to spend new for your purpose. Nice you had one lying about.

    You can probably reduce the size and heat by using a higher amp wall wart or laptop power brick.

    If you created a small 12v battery backup it would retain settings and time. That circuit doesn't draw much power. You could just bundle 10 rechargeable AA or AAA batteries connected in series. I haven't worked out details but you would need a small simple trickle charger to keep the batteries topped off while the AC power is on.

    1 reply

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah. An iPod dock is planned next but I want a nicer box and nicer cuts first haha.
    The camera thing is a great idea since I'd be all the way in the back of the house. I could run a couple feet of speaker wire through the attic and connect it. There is a remote to this one too. I just have to find it in the boxes.

    I should look into your battery idea. Thanks for the tips!