Car Stickerbomb *BMW Edition*

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What is Stickerbombing? Basically plastering stickers on an object to make it look unique. I’ve seen people do this with phones, laptops, golf clubs, tables….allsorts. The art comes from how you do it and what stickers you choose. Some people will buy pre-printed A4 or A3 sheets of stickbomb artwork…Not me I’m old school.. I have to feel that each individual sticker has a slight edge not all flat. My favourite place to get stickers is from the Stickerbomb books made by Studio Rarekwai. You can pick up a so called “secondhand” book pretty much brand new from Amazon for as cheap as £4. I loved them so much in the end I purchased the whole collection.

Step 1. Clean your Target object

Use a dust cloth and spray down some surface cleaner. Make sure there is no fluff, hair or dirt on the surface.

Step 2. Select Object and Stickers

The trick is not to stickerbomb the majority of the item, just enough for the item to stand out. Rotate, peel and stick…. Simple as that. Start with big stickers to make up the base….otherwise you end wasting hundreds of little ones. Then use the smaller ones to fill the gaps… Rotate and stick…

Step 3. Trim the edges

Using a scalpel or sharp scissors to make a nice clean border and you’re done.

Have Fun Stickering!!



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