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Introduction: Car Transport Truck

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Hi All,

Almost every time my wife goes shopping she buys a toy car for my son

So we have close to 150+ cars and no space to keep them.

This a wall hanging looks amazing and organize toy cars

This instructable is one of the most difficult as I did not use any power tools like saw, grinder, dremel or jigsaw,
except drilling machine

Cutting wood to most of the time

Step 1: What Do We Need ?

- Binding wood strips
- 9"x10" 6mm plywood
- Fevicol or glue
- Thin nails for wood
- Screws
- 2" x 36" wood piece
- 3 wooden bulb holder plates
- Sand paper 80 and 150 grit

- Hammer
- Paper tape
- hand saw
- Some wood pieces

Step 2: Selecting Wood

Selecting wood is very important

Make sure the wood is straight and does not have cracks

If you make mistake like me, then use the bad ones as pieces where slight crack or bend wood does not matter

The wooden strips I bought was 7' x 43mm x 4.1mm, as only these were available.

Try to get wood with already 10mm thickness

Step 3: How to Cut Straight ?

If you are using a hand saw like me, you may not get straight cuts.

Simple way is to place a small piece of wood or plywood that has straight cut and hold your saw against it while cutting

I have used this method to cut most of the wood in this instructable.

Step 4: Cutting

The wooden strips I bought was 7' x 43mm x 4.1mm

Cut following
- 2 feet pieces 8 nos
- 43mm x43mm 14 nos
- 333mm long 2 pieces for sides
- 26" long piece
- 24.5" long piece
- 1" piece from a 18mm plus wood
- 2"x 10" piece from a 19mm ply wood

Step 5: Prepare the Frame

Since the wood is very thin, it is impossible to cut any joints into it or nail it.

Sides :
Use fevicol or glue to fix 43mm x43 mm pieces on the 333mm wood.
Space between the two is about 4mm, one could place wood in between, to get perfect space.

I did not have C clamps, so use paper tape to hold tight and placed it under heavy furniture overnight

Top and bottom : Since wood is thin. need to strengthen it by sticking another wood using Fevicol, paper tape and leave over night under heavy furniture.

Next day match the grooves. if not good cut the excess

Step 6: Assemble the Frame

As joints are not possible, I have used metal L bend...

If the nail is longer as in my case, I sawed it into smaller lenght and fixed the outer frame

For shelves adjust lenght but sanding or using saw

After you place them nice in the frame, mark numbers on them so that we donot mix them on

The difficult part is over????

Step 7: Cabin

On a 9"x10" 6mm plywood, draw desired cabin.

Free hand works well. One can google to see images of trucks to get inspired

To cut windows and wheel space. I used drilling machine to drill initial holes and then used saw cut till the next corner

After cutting, use a sandpaper to smooth the edges

I used 80 grit sandpaper glues on a pipe for easy sanding

Step 8: Wheels and Support

For overall strength and support, I used a 10mm thick wooden strip, on which I fixed the cabin and 3 wooden wheels

Placed some 19mm plywood as support to frame as shown. It can bear the load from the cars and frame

One can use this to fix on wall.

Use fevicol or glue for every thing, for strength

Step 9: Finishing Touches

I used 80 grit sand paper to clean the surface and remove big difference

then using 150 or 200 grit sandpaper, give smooth finish

I used some Acrylic colors to stain it
Wait for the stain to dry....

One can use brighter colors, but donot thick coat it, wood looks plasticy

Step 10: Decorating

Hang it on the wall and put the cars in

Enjoy the look on your kids face

More things do to
- Paint more brighter colors
- Coat varnish to protect
- paint the wheels

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    Abhi Joshi
    Abhi Joshi

    4 years ago

    Nice..well made.