Car Trash, Tissue, and Pen Holder

Introduction: Car Trash, Tissue, and Pen Holder

My Truck is usually a mess so I put together a trash/tissue/pen holder to keep it organized.

Step 1: Step 1: Tools and Materials


  • Knife
  • Hot glue gun
  • sharpie


  • Old tote with lid. (I used an old Insulation Plate container from a job site I was on. they were going to throw it away but I figured that this would be a good use for it.)
  • A can
  • 2 1-inch pipe sections
  • 1 rubber band

Step 2: Step 2: Plan Out Your Layout and Cut It Out

take out our sharpie and trace out what you want your holder to hold. I personly wanted it to hold tissues, pens, and a trash so I outlined them giving proper space on the lid.

After you have planned out your layout use the knife to cut out the access holes for the items.

Step 3: Step 3: Adding Supports and Notches

using 2 sections of 1-inch pipe that were 1 inch long I glued them to the bottom of the container. after this, I added a rubber band that spanned the tissue section to keep the box in place. taking 2 small pieces of plastic that I cut from the scraps of the lid I used them to sandwich the rubber band to help keep it in place.

Adding the notches in helps keep the trash bag in place. the bag should be able to be put in with the lid on.

Step 4: Step 4: Glue Can Onto the Lid

using a hot glue gun, or whatever you may wish to, secure the can to the top of the lid. this will keep it in place and make sure that it does not move around.

Step 5: Step 5: Put It All Together!

and now your car/truck/van is a little more organized!

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    1 year ago

    Is it just me, seeing a face on that? HAHA
    I love simple and practical things like that! Especially when they are smiling at me. Well done, I might use that idea once I get my next RV. Cheers!


    1 year ago

    This looks very useful - I could use something like this in my truck too. Nicely done :)