Car Undercarriage Inspection!

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Intro: Car Undercarriage Inspection!

Time for my bi annual car undercarriage inspection. Here is how I typically perform this important yet often underrated proactive job.

My tire ramps and wheel chocks are vital for this. Read on for how I did it.

Step 1: Lining Up the Ramps.

Each ramp has to be placed in line with the front wheels. The car also needs it's steering in the neutral or wheels straight position.

Step 2: Getting the Car Up on the Ramps.

The car needs to be started and driven gently up the ramps. No hard revving. When the tires hit the stop at the end of the ramp then apply brakes, put into Park, handbrake up and ignition switched off.

Step 3: Chocks.

For added safety the wheels chocks are wedged into the back tires to stop any roll back. I popped the hood and left the car to cool off for an hour before proceeding to the next step.

Step 4: Inspection Roller Tray.

This handy tray allows me to slide under the car with ease.

Step 5: The Inspection.

I checked all boots, bushings, Crankshaft Pulley etc and everything seemed in good order. The only issue is a tiny drop of engine oil at the base of the Timing Belt cover. I hope my fairly new Crankshaft seal is doing its job.

So now my inspection is complete and I removed the rear chocks and reversed the car down the ramps.



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