Car Washing Tips

Introduction: Car Washing Tips

Step 1: Spray the Car Down

The First thing you want to do when washing your car is spray off the tires, wheels, wheel wells, and thoroughly wet the car down, getting any lose dirt or grime off.

You may use a degreaser on your tires and wheel well areas, but i do not suggest spraying any chemicals on your wheels.

Spraying the wrong cleaner on the wrong type of wheel can be very very bad.

Spraying a heavy degrease on hot alunimum or clear coated wheels will stain instantly.
Spraying a special acid on chrome wheels works wonders, but would melt aluminum.

Make sure to try to keep the vehicle out of direct sunlight, or work fast.

Step 2: Wash With Soap

After soaking your vehicle down with water, get a high quality car wash soap , a micro fiber wash sponge, and brush.

Do not use dishwashing soap. EVER. Dish washing soap will strip wax off your vehicle and leave it looking dull after a wash.

Use high quality products, and you'll get high quality results.

Mix Up your soap generously and wash the car with the microfiber sponge, or washer of your choice. Make sure you use something soft and in no way abrasive. Make sure you have lots of suds, as the soap pulls and surrounds the dirt and grime and effectively removes it from your paint without scratching.

Make sure you do not let soap dry on the vehicle . If you are in the sun, wash it panel at a time, and be sure to always keep the car wet until your complete.

Step 3: Clean the Rims

Before you dry the vehicle off, it is a good idea to use a brush and soapy water on the rims.

This should take care on 90% of the dirt and brake dust on the wheels, and make detailing the rims later a lot easier. Brush all four wheels, them spray the soap off with water.

Make sure you get all the soap out of the lugnut areas, cracks, and crevices.

Step 4: Dry Off Your Car

Get a high quality chamois from your local auto parts store or detail supplier.

Do not dry your vehicle off with a cotton towel, or anything abrasive.

Start by drying off the windows first, especially if you are in the sun.

Next, go around the vehicle and make sure you get all the droplets off. Frequently squeeze the water out of your drying towel of choice.

*The trick is to make a few laps around the vehicle, each time getting it more dry.

If you leave water spots on the vehicle for too long, it can etch into your paint, leaving an undesirable finish. Dry the vehicle off quickly.

Step 5: The Final Details

After you have thoroughly dried the vehicle off, it is time to take care of a few details.

Grab any kind of towel, and go around to all the wheels. Dry them off and make sure you have gotten all the dirt off the entire rim.

Carry a few rags around with you, one to dry, one to clean, and one to buff afterwards. Wipe down wheel well areas, and tires.

Dry off the door jams and remove any dirt from the molding areas.

Clean the windows and your car should look good as new.

Don't have time to wash your own car?
Call a mobile detailing company! They will come to you with water, electricity, and all supplies necessary to make your car shine!

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    4 Discussions

    Dakota Joel98

    Huh I knew most of this but the dish soap thing was unknown to me, though I dont use it I know some people who do, Thanks!



    9 years ago on Introduction

    i like to hit my car with a high pressure cleaner (gherni) first on the wheels and big dirt spots, normally from about 500mm away, it works alright to loosen most crud. then clean roof down wheels and skirts last.

    nice job BTW, black cars look smexy when clean


    9 years ago on Introduction

    In addition, when soaping down the vehicle start on top and work down. This gives your detergent a chance to work on the grime before you actually wipe/sponge it.

    Flawless Detailing Dallas
    Flawless Detailing Dallas

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Good Tip!

    I always start at the top of the vehicle and work down for two reasons, First, as "weekilter" said, the soap will help loosen up the dirt and grime.

    In addition, the bottom half of the vehicle probably has the most dirt on it, so washing it last will avoid you from wiping dirt and rocks all over the rest of your vehicle.

    Please, everyone, post your individual car washing tips!
    Everybody has a special method, and ways that work best for them. Washing a car is not hard, but doing it right is another story........