Introduction: "CarSculpt"

About: I am a teenager that loves creating and building to hopefully end up in an Aerospace engineering job someday in the future!

this is a easy way to sculpt with hot wheels

Its very easy and take very small amount of time.
 So here it goes hope you like it.

Step 1: Materials

*small circlular platform
*alot of hotwheel cars
* hot glue
*a small wooden or plastic ring

Step 2: Platform

glue the ring to the base platform
like the highlighted part in the picture

Step 3: !!CARS!!

glue the cars on in a cool way. make it fun and exciting.

like mine below



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    I decorated a small Christmas tree this year with Hotwheels for my son, he thought it was pretty cool! I like this idea as well, maybe make a desklamp or something when he gets too "old" for them!

    Im not sure what shape the cars form unless its meant to be organic but I Do like the concept !

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    This project is better suited to a slideshow format. I'd like to see more of the building process for your next one - it seems like it just grows organically? Looks like a lot of fun!

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