Caramel Chocolte Tart




This is a delicate bite...that most will love..its quick ...easy and delicious to boot!
So good that I had to snap my pictures quickly before they all finished up!

 I'm telling this after I left a plate on the table to go and take my camera....and when I came back...
the dish was empty! luckily I only kept a little on the table ...haha

Step 1: Ingredients

150g plain flour
90g + 30g cold butter
55g castor sugar
395g can ( small tin) sweetened condensed milk
2 tablespoons golden syrup
100g dark eating chocolates melted

Step 2: First Layer of Crust

Blend flour, cold butter and sugar till it comes together.
Press level tablespoon of mixture into the mini muffin tray...if any other tray...then till half way well and make it firm
Bake for 10 minutes or till slightly golden.

Step 3: Second Layer - the Caramel

While the first layer is in the oven...combine condensed milk, 30g of butterand golden syrup in a  pan and mix till smooth and well blended...DO NOT BOIL.
Pour hot caramel into the hot  bases  and bake for another 2-3 minutes or till slightly golden.
Let it cool well and  remove from tray. As I used silicone was very easy.

Step 4: The Chocolate Coat

Double boil cooking chocolate and pour over with a spoon on to the caramel tarts.

Cut red hearts with edible paper and place on top of the tarts ...that is if you want it to look all cute for valentine :-)
Let it stand till it sets !

Try's fast to make and very tasty!
Enjoy :-)



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