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Introduction: Carbage Collector 2000

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Have you ever knocked over your recycle bin? Have you ever wanted to use only one cleaning tool instead of two? The solutions is to make and use the Carbage Collector 200. It is a simple garbage collector that collects garbage with just a simple push! 

    - Plastic Container
    - Metal Rod (Cut into Two Rods; Need to be hollow, hollow metal garden stakes also work)
    - 1 Paint Roller
    - Metal Clothes Hanger (Unscrew it into a metal wire)
    - 2 CD's
    - 1 Coupling
    - 6 Foam Paintbrushes (using only brushes)
    - Receipt Paper Roll 
    - Rubber Belt
    -2 Tub and Shower wheels
    -1 Fastener
    -flat aluminum sheet 

    - Wire Cutter
    - Tape
    - Retractable Knife
    - Krazy Glue
    - Scissor
    - Saw

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Step 1: Checking Measurements-Cutting Out Placements

Depending how big you want your Carbage Collector 2000 to be, you will need to measure your materials relevantly. 
First, we will need to create holes and slits into the plastic container.
For the wheels, make a cut in each of the rear two corners, large enough to put a CD inside. Then puncture four additional holes on the sides of the container for the rods to hold onto the sweeper and the wheels together, they will be used to as holes for the axis's to hold the wheels and sweeper in place. on the bottom cut about two inches of the bottom container from the front of the container. 
There is a hinge door located on the bottom of the container. You take a piece of flat aluminum and cut it out to fit the container. This will ensure a better entry into the container when swept 

Step 2: Creating the Rear Wheel

To create the wheels we will need:
   - The Cd's
   - The metal from the paint roller
   - The Cupplings
   - Tape
   - Receipt Paper Roll
   - Rubber Belt

Back Wheels: 
Before putting the CDs onto the rod, put the receipt paper in first and secure it near the end of the metal rod, next to where the CD is going to go. 
Put the cupplings at the ends of the hollow rodand tape them in place and make sure the CD can fit.
Place the CD onto the cupplings and stick the metal from the paint roller through the holes of the container and through the hollow metal rod. 
Then, put the rubber belt onto the receipt roller and then put the CDs on.

You then place the wheel into the where you want the back of the container to be. Before you are able to hold the wheels in place. Take your paint roller and detach the actual roller from the rod that holds the roller. Straighten the rod out with a hammer and heat. It should come out as straight as possible. Then stick the  straightened out rod into the hollow tube that the wheels are attached to. 

Step 3: Making the Sweeper

To Create the Brushes we will need:
   - Paint Rollers
   - Metal Clothes Hanger
   - Foam Brushes

First take apart the paint roller and use the rotating part as the base of the sweeper
Then unscrew and  untangle the metal clothes hanger into a long straight metal wire.
Before sticking the straightened hanger into the holes, connect the rubber belt from the rear wheels to the the respective end of the paint roller. 
After it is in place, you can then stick the straightened out hanger through the roller and through the holes into the container. Make sure that the belt from the back wheel is also placed through the sweeper.
You need to take off the foam part of the six foam brushes and place them inside the roller. Make sure that the foam brushes are secure or else they will fall off, you can either super glue them together and attach it with tape or you can super glue everything together. 

Step 4: Making the Front of the Carbage Collector 2000

The front of the garbage collector is one of the most important parts of the collector. From the bottom measure about 2 inches up. After, you use the Tub and Shower wheels and attach to the two front corners of the container with the screws that come along with the wheels. 

Step 5: Attaching the Handle

To attach cut out a little hole that would fit your rod. Stick the rod on an angle into the whole until it hits the bottom of the container.  Then on the bottom take a screw and stick it through the container into the hollow handle for it to not slide at the bottom of the container. You can use a rod that is your height or to your liking. To tighten the rod onto the container use a string fastener and fasten the rod onto the container through two smaller holes so the fastener can rap around the rod. 

Step 6: Optional Decoration

The collector looks a little plain in the beginning when you just assembled it together. You can decorate the collector anyway you want, draw on it, attach origami or whatever you want your collector to look like. This step is of course option, if you want your collector to look good while eating up trash decorate it up!!!

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