Carbine Hook and Key Fob

Introduction: Carbine Hook and Key Fob

Ideal for camping, Great for scouts to carry penknife and other bits and pieces, e.g. compass, whistle etc when trekking a really quick and indestructable craft all you need is

10 - 15 minutes to make it

Duct Tape
Carbine hook
Split Ring

Step 1: Step 1 the Strap

Lay out a piece of duct tape about 15-20cm long on the table sticky side up

Now cut two pieces of string longer than the tape

Stick the string onto the tape equally so that the string is divided over the tape in thirds

see the pictures

Step 2: Step 2 Secure the Strap

Now fold over the tape so that the string runs along the two sides

make sure you press the tape firmly down and avoid creasing the duct tape whilst you do this

Step 3: Step 3 Securing the Strap

I used two pieces of 1" duct tape for this but you can use the normal size if you like

lay two pieces sticky side up about 5-10 apart it depends how long you want the strap

Now place the strap on the top

Step 4: Step 4 Adding the Split Ring and Carbine

Feed the split ring and Carbine onto the edges near to where the tape goes downwards

fold over the tape to secure the split ring and fold the 1" tape around the main body to secure the ring in place

Repeat the same thing with the Carbine

Check the are securely fastened and stuck down

Now trim the string with scissors and smooth out and creases or bumps

Step 5: Step 5 Add the Outside of the Tape

Carefully cut a piece of tape to the right length of the body of the strap

Now place this over the outside of the tape and get it as central as you can

Smooth out any creases

Turn the whole thing over and fold in the two side carefully to avoid creases

Step 6: Stand Back and Admire Your Work!

smooth out any creases, stand back and admire you work

Quick and easy, idestructable and waterproof

Cheap to make and handy to have whilst camping and trekking

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