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Introduction: SAL Carbine

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Okay so lots of people wanted me to post full instructions for this, but the little time I have would be better spent on more innovative things. Therefore, I took a bunch of photos and hope that they will suffice. I reccomend that only advanced builders attempt this. 

I haven't included any stats for a number of reasons. Firstly, this is not a battle rifle, and should not be treated as one. The BR18 is an exceptional battle rifle, and nothing else. This is a rifle for fun, and nothing else. It was built mainly for its aesthetics to be honest, but it shoots well nonetheless, and the removable mag works too.

In the future, I am thinking of one more gun, then moving away from weaponry, perhaps revisiting my Juggernaut and Phantom series.

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    Please don't post questions that I have already answered in the description.

    kthanxbai =]

    I hope you realize the name is a total contradiction of itself. A carbine is a weapon shorter than a typical rifle. For example, the M4 compared to the M16.

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    I was aware that carbines are basically like shorter assault rifles, like in between sub machine guns and assault rifles, but the barrels are still rifled, so would it be incorrect to call the gun a rifle? Obviously I have limited knowledge of weapon-naming, but I just assumed that "carbine rifle" would be acceptable?

    Rifling is indeed how the term rifle came about. And it's kind of annoying in that sense because the name of the weapon precedes the creation of other weapons. Nearly all modern weapons use rifling, save most shotguns (though even some of those do). A rifle is a long-barreled weapon. An assault rifle technically just refers to a weapon firing intermediate rounds no matter the length of the weapon. Carbines are shorter but longer than SMG barrels. It doesn't matter what they fire either. Long-barreled pistols are sometimes called carbines.

    Yeah I guess so, but, although most weapons are rifled, even pistols, carbines at the end-of-the-day are usually varients of guns which would be considered as "assault rifles" (for example like you said the M4 ~ M16 or Karabiner 98 ~ Gewehr 98), therefore the carbines could be considered "carbine rifle", in a similar sense that the term "sniper" is often shorthand for "Sniper Rifle". However, I'm afraid I'd have to disagree that the words "carbine" and "rifle" being used in a single gun's title is a "total contradiction", as (if the gun were real at least) the barrel is both from a carbine and rifled.

    Grrr that's one of my biggest petpeeves next to clips for magazines. Sniper is not a proper shortened form of sniper rifle. A sniper refers to the person doing the sniping.

    De facto, yes most carbines are shortened versions of their original forms, though technically most modern assault rifles are developed with a carbine lengthed barrel and then have an option to use a longer barrel.

    A rifled gun doesn't make it a rifle. A long barrel makes a weapon a rifle. So yes, it's a contradiction. Really, the only K'nex weapons ever deserving of the title rifle are the sling snipers that people like to show off their pieces with.

    Ah yes my bad, I was supposed to write "...often the (incorrect) shorthand", and yes I know that a "sniper" is the person who fires the "sniper rifle".

    And yes you have a point, I'll get round to changing the gun's graphic and title

    Looks like a solid build. It's nice when people make something for the fun of it, and don't get all serious about the specs and stuff.