Cardboard Ninja Star

This is my first intructable and its a Carboard ninja star it takes about 25 minutes please vote for it thanks!

Step 1:

  • you will need
  • 1. Disc
  • 2. Hot glue gun
  • 3. Razor blade or scissors
  • 4. Carboard

Step 2:

first trace the disc carefully

Step 3:

then cut out the circle you just made

Step 4:

get a ruler draw a straight line down the middle then turn it draw a line again

Step 5:

then draw some lines from about an inch from the middle to the top of the line.

Step 6:

then cut it out

Step 7:

then it should look like this.

Step 8:

trace that then cut it out repeat this for layers

Step 9:

hot glue the layers together

Step 10:

all done enjoy it!

Step 11:



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    It looks great! Good job. You should enter this is in the hot glue contest.