Carbon Fiber Effect - How to Paint the Carbon Fiber Effect, Airbrush





Introduction: Carbon Fiber Effect - How to Paint the Carbon Fiber Effect, Airbrush

About: I'm an amateur custom painter that loves to share all the cool tricks that i learn along the way.

This is how to make anything look like carbon fiber without spending hardly anything.



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    I painted an 8 inch border around my room using the black base and silver through drywall tape method. i really liked how it turned out even though i cheated and used spray paint. One suggestion i would give is to cover entirely with the second color and then add texture with the final black, You get a lot more definition that way. Great post!

    If you watch theyr video and read the description, it says it is infact, real carbonfiber :)

    My bad, I had trouble getting Revver to work in the video mode. So I reposted everything in regular mode, big mistake, no views at all. So I fiddled with it to get the video posting working with Revver. Obviously I figured it out. It just took a little while.

    well,i really want to see the video but I don't know somehow it doesn't appear on my monitor.If not too much trouble, I'll be glad if you could send the video to my email ( Thank you and appreciate your help

    awesome...I'm gonna paint my old mountain bike like this I think :D give it a new look great instructable