Carbon Fibre Wheelchair Using 3d Printed Forms and Moulds.

Plastic pieces will used as forms for Carbon Fibre Layup for knee bends in the production of a strong extremely light weight Carbon Fibre frame wheelchair, and will also be used to make other joins, such as t-joins and 90-degree bends. Since strength is in the carbon fibre, which will consist of up to eight  layers at 90/45/-45/0/45/-45/90 degree layers, plus one or two layers of finish 90 degree silk or satin finish weave, the plastic does not have to be strong at all. It could actually be dissolved away after the part is made, but I will not be dissolving the plastic, as I feel it is an unnecessary and fairly toxic procedure. As much as 97% to 98% of the wheelchair will be carbon fibre, including the wheel rims, hubs, and hand rims, but the joiners will require a 3d plastic printer to realize the parts, as you can't buy good smooth bent carbon fibre pipe, and the realization of the full build would, I feel, be imposssible without a 3d plastic printer. I will use the techniques in this instructable as my main guide:

My final instructable will be as detailed and intensive as the above. My present familiarity with the Sketchup software used is only good enough to design a very preliminary modelas shown in the attached picture. But I will be studying and becoming very proficient in the use of this and other 3d CAD software in the design of my carbon Fibre wheelchair.



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Hi suna58,

    I am also making some composite parts using a similar method and don't have a printer and my work around is using If you find someone good, they can make really cheap prints for you and with some luck you could pick them up or have them sent domestically. Hopefully this helps!


    1 reply

    4 years ago on Introduction

    The only thing preventing the building of this unit is a 3D printer. I actually entered it in a couple of contests in which the prize was a 3D printer, in the hope of winning one in order to make this valuable product a reality. But without a good quality 3D printer, alas, it may only remain a dream, at least for now.


    4 years ago

    Any further movement on this project? This could be a big thing. Current wheelchair companies and med stores are ripping off those who need lightweight user friendly chairs (and costing taxpayers millions), not to mention those without chairs in developing countries.

    craig mclean

    5 years ago on Introduction

    fantastic. was wondering if you knew of any modeling software for fitting the wheelchair to the individual's specific measurements and needs. cheers, craig mclean