Carbon Fiber Touchscreen Gloves




Introduction: Carbon Fiber Touchscreen Gloves

About: DIY carbon heated clothing.

If you have a piece of carbon tape (and now on Amazon) left, you can use it for making great gloves for touch screens. Carbon tape is very soft, it will never scratch your screen. It's an excellent conductor of electricity and ensure reliable operation of your screen.

Step 1:

Pull one thread of carbon tape. Insert it into the needle. Sew carbon thread fingers on gloves.
Carbon fiber like silk. It's so soft that the fingers do not feel it. Carbon fiber will never scratch your screen. Carbon fiber will provide better contact than a simple metallic thread.

Step 2:

It is very thin, very light and has a small electrical resistance.
7,2 Ohms per foot
1,45 gramm per foot

Step 3:

Carbon fiber is composed entirely of carbon. Despite this, it does not burn and does not stain your hands or phone.



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    Shenzhen, to your tecnology touchscreen gloves - you need some protecting surface on the carbon fibers.
    My tecnology more simple: i use resin glue mixed with the carbon fibers. And after finishinf first layer i add second layer: teflon. Because without teflon layer we have scratches on display. Use the Locktite 8192!!!
    And also we can make two different workzones on one finger: small and large :-))

    1 reply

    Where did you find this carbon, which scratches the glass? My Carbon does not even scratch the plastic!

    WIN. Thank you so much for this ible...winter is awesome, but it's bothersome to constantly have to remove your gloves in the cold to toy with your phone! And those pre-made gloves that are smart phone operable are so ugly...but now I can customize gloves I already own :). Carbon tape has so many applications, it boggles the mind...

    excellent idea! I'm not sure which contest this falls under, but you need to enter this (and your other carbon tape stuff) into the contests,and I'll vote for them.

    1 reply

    Thank you very much.
    By the way, the carbon tape has another one more application, as a minimum, and it is very unusual. I hope to tell about it soon.