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So my first project I made with my Walt Disney Head was to vacuum form the entire 3D printed object and create a cast accurate mold.  Unfortunately, an issue arose with the vacuum form, namely the size of the object.

You see, I didn't realize this at the time but apparently it is extremely difficult to vacuum form a completely giant completely round object.  I tried it from a multitude of different angles to try and capture the entirety of Walt's head in full 3D glory, but unfortunately it proved way to difficult to do.  The best I could muster with my domestic Vacuum Former was to create a semi-3D mold with a flat backing.  Additionally, I ended up making two molds and sadly neither one was perfect.  One mold had the accuracy of Walt's head but had several holes in the back, and the other was perfectly in tact but lacking features.

But that's when I suddenly realized the potential in this.  Taking a cue from Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back I used what vacuum formed mold I had created and turned it into Walt Disney On Ice: Carbonited Version!  Using some light blue spray paint, I covered both two mold with an ice like aesthetic.

For EXTRA FUN, I took some glass eyes I had bought from glass eyes I bought from Paxton Gate for realism.  I stuck these behind the fully formed mask first and then stuck the accurate face on top.  

Finally, taking a cue from Jabba, I mounted the entire thing on a picture frame.  Like a Hunting Trophy.  That's right Boys 'N Girls I just froze Walt's Head.  And he's hanging up in Instructables Labs for all to be amazed.

Your Disney Dreams have now be put on ice.  (-Dodges flamethrowers.)

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