Carboy Drill Powered Scrubber (Beer Bottle Cleaner Less Than $5)




Introduction: Carboy Drill Powered Scrubber (Beer Bottle Cleaner Less Than $5)

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How many times have you needed to reach that wierd "corner" in the carboy that the usual carboy toilet brush just wont matter how much you bend and curse it!?

I've seen Electric Carboy Scrubbers available online...but this site isnt about simply point-click-order use...So I made one!

To creat his DIYDS (Do-It-YA-Damn-Self) project you will need to buy (My recipt included the Carriage Bolt and a threaded rod from HD for a total of $4.85!! Total) or find around the house the following materials:

- 1 x 18'x24" Shammy (Chamois)
- 1 x 24" 5/16 Threaded rod
- 2 Coupling Bolts

- 1 x 3" 5/16 carriage Bolt
- 2 large washers
- 3 small washers
- 3 5/16 nuts

- Shears (Used the Wifes purdy pink ones)
- 2 Pliers or 1 set of Pliers and a Vice Grip
- Hole punch, Leather punch, anything to punch a hole
- a drive (corded or cordless) I am using a Dewalt corded drill, Why? becuase i had it and i like the the constant power an A/C tool provides


1) Take your Shammy and fold in half so you have a 18"x12" Rectangle
2) Cut this in half, now you should have 2 mostly equal 18x12" parts.
3) Place these two pieces together and fold over again so you have a 9"x12" piece
3) Approximate, or get out a ruler and cut 4each 1.5" x 12" strips.
4) Approximate 2each 3"x12" (1.5" width in center) strips and cut 'fingers' to similate a car wash
5) With the remaining pieces cut 4each 3" square 'washers'
6) Lay out your strips and pieces and using your hole punch, punch in the center of each piece a hole (duh)
7) Begin your washer head assembly:
- a) Stainless steel Carriage Bolt
- b) 3" shammy Washer
- c) 1 stainless steel washer
- d) criss cross 4 Shammy strips and one 3" Shammy Washer
- e) Place 1 Stainless Steel Washer and Screw down 1 - 5/16" Stainless Steel Bolt as tight as you can
- f ) Place1 Stainless Steel Washer and 1 3" Shammy Washer
- g) criss cross Shammy Strips with fingers  
- h) 3" Shammy Washer
- i) 1 Stainless steel Washer and 2 (yes 2) stainless teel 5/16" bolts, tighten the first as tight as you can, followed by the second as tight as you can
8) Begin your Extension Assembly:
- a) screw on one coupling leaving .50"  of the threaded rod exposed 
- b) screw the second coupling on to the remaining .5"
- c) Using the pliers tighten the coupling in opposing directions as tight as you can
9) Attach the Shammy Carboy Head to the protruding coupling
10) Adjust the tighteness of the head to the extension so that it isn't loosen

- Congratulations you are done!

A few key notes you may want to do/know :
- Remeber to run you drill in Reverse! so that you do not loosen the head whilst cleaning inside the carboy.
- This head assembly was created using stainless steel so that the head could be removed and cleaned in the washing machine or the dish washer and so that if one of your cleaning strips were to fail, its easy to replace
- You may need to bunch the head in your hand to fit into the carboy, depending on the diameter of the opening
- Have fun!

I plan on making a smaller version so i can clean beer/wine/liquor bottles...the assembly is the same, just using smaller parts/nuts/bolt, washer, etc.

Send me what you make I would love to see your version/upgrade!!

Thanks for looking!

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    10 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I use glass carboys and I'm concerned that this would chip the neck and the base (where the bolt head contacts the bottom). Have you had this happen when you've used yours?


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    I too use glass car boys and haven't had an issue with the bolt head striking the bottom. I used a carriage bolt so that the domed top of the bolt wouldn't have any sharp or otherwise destructive tendencies. As for the neck...that didnt cross my mind at first and hasnt until now...but still No issues, i just watch it closely i guess.

    Maybe I could add a a 6 inch length of PVC as a sleeve so that the metal near the neck would be alittle bit more out of harms way... what do you think?


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    That's a good idea on a small section of PVC as well as the "long washer" suggested by RyPKelley.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    If you have concerns about that just make that square "washer" triple length and punch a hole on both sides and loop around the bolt head for a soft cover.

    brewmaster c
    brewmaster c

    6 years ago

    Excellent design I will be making one of these soon, thanks for the instructable.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks man! I will post a pic or video of this baby in action soon.