Carcassonne Dispenser

Introduction: Carcassonne Dispenser

I made myself a Carcassonne set earlier, but I needed something to carry it in. I've seen people make laser cut and 3D-printed dispenser deals, but I thought I could do better making my own. I'm not sure about the "better" part, but I sure did make my own.

  • When you get down to it, I really just needed a sleeve big enough let the 1.8in cards stack. I didn't want to spend a fortune making this, so I went with foam core.
    • I didn't want to tape anything together, so I tried more of a dovetail pattern. It would've gone smoother if I bothered to change blades...
    • I also didn't want to make a big production out of it and paint it, so I found some all-black material instead.
  • I quickly found out that the cards could get jammed, so I added some generous windows to straighten things out.
  • In keeping with the sci-fi style, I added some angled windows/beams to imitate the look of a modular building unit like you might see in the game's cities.
  • Imitating what I've seen other people do, I attached a base plate with a slot for sliding out the cards. I was originally going to add slots and tabs in the walls, but I just glued it in with scraps and shimmed up the gaps with some card stock.
  • Until I find or make something better, I'll be using an old dice box to hold the markers.

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