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Introduction: Carcassonne Rubick's Cube

If you have an unused Rubick's Cube you have now a Carcassonne-like game in your hands!

Oh, well. I have no rights about Carcassone, tiles, logo, trademark, etc etc. But it is the best modern board game. I love it.
Oh, well, well, I have no rights about Rubick's cube neither.

And I was inspired by this 'ible ( Thanks to derte84.

The cube is easy to make. I hope you enjoy it.

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Step 1: What We Want:

You will need a  Rubick's cube laying arround with nothing to do.
You will to download the template or make your own arrangement (but that is hard).

You can download it here as a PDF
and here a a PNG

You will need also paper, scissor, stone.. sorry, I mean glue stick and a hobby knife. 

A printer, of course, and a PC with a browser and web access and hands and eyes and TIME and... oh, well... you know...

Step 2: The Template.

I selected only one of each of the tiles of the 4 expansions (my PC program has little bmp images). They were a lot, so I deleted the river's ones and the merchants's flagged city tiles, witch left 54. The exact number.

But then I realized that the city and road tiles has an odd number of sides, so the arrangement would not be closed (related to graph theory and the konigsberg's bridges problem and so on ( and I need to remove one tile and duplicate other to close the entire arrangement). But I think it is still a good selection.

You can download it here as a PDF
and here a a PNG

The size of the side of the squares is 20mm, you can scale down it to the needed size when printing.

If someone makes a new-and-better arrangement I will make it as another template.


Cut and paste.

You know how. Simply pay attention en the order and keep the order and orientation of each square.

I'm very lazy, so I printed it 3mm bigger than I needed and stick each face as a whole, and then cut between squares with the knife.

Step 4: The Play.

To play you can disorder the cube and try to get a good score in a fixed time or with a fixed number of moves.

Score with the standard rules of Carcassonne. Non matching sides must be ignored, it simply don't close the road, city, etc. The cloister earn points for the correct-sided tiles (Min 1, Max 9)

The template scores 360 point with the rule of the cathedral multiplying by three the tiles and shields of a closed city, and the Inns doubling the closed roads points, and two-tiled cities scoring 4. If they score 2, the template max is 342 points.

It is the max scoring, but if I'm wrong, please, correct me.

Well, simply have fun. Thanks for your time! 

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    6 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Very unique twist on two great products! I'm voting for you in the toy contest


    8 years ago on Step 2

    What a wonderful idea, the cube once completely different. Must be really difficult to solve though.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    As a fellow Carcassone nerd, I laud and applaud this project. Excellent work. I really appreciate the amount of effort put into the arrangement. This looks great for a game of solitaire Carc.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Hard but funny.

    I would do another carcassonne arrangement game, using six sided dices as six-faced tiles, where you take one randomly and rotate the dice to choose the face to play, but the tile selection is very hard to do because each face used means the other 5 can't be used this same game, and it is a lot of cut'n'stick and I'm working in a creepy-box for a carnival kids party.

    The idea must be matured, and determine if work in a 2D puzzle-like form, or in a 3D arrangement of 162 tiles with magnets under the faces, something like but with more freedom.

    What an awesome idea! That would be much more fun for me than a normal rubick's cube.