Card Board Snow Speeder for Power Wheels for Christmas Parade.

Introduction: Card Board Snow Speeder for Power Wheels for Christmas Parade.

Basically this is more of a show and tell cause the instructions are kind of obvious. The idea was to build a cardboard snowspeeder to "lay" over the power wheel. it can just be picked up and taken off, not "attatched". 

I used:

Lots of old cardboard boxes, the bigger the better.
Hot Glue Gun and glue sticks
Duct Tape
Craft Paint
Wrapping paper tubes
2 country time lemonade jars
razor knife
straight edge
a power wheel to build on/ around for the kid to drive.

I built a box around the power wheel with cardboard. Then added the wings and other details.

TIP: layering the cardboard and making braces for under the wings worked really well. The hot glue held up good too. It dries fast so it was ideal for me.

The last picture is the snowspeeder in the dumpster at the end of the parade..I had no where to keep it at my house : (

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    Am a huge star wArs geek I would of took it looks awesome great job