Card House for Beginners

Introduction: Card House for Beginners

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I just started this hobby this morning, so I figured that I would share it with all of you. It is a lot of fun and a bit of a challenge. I hope that you can enjoy this activity as much as I do

Step 1: The Base

For any card house, you will first need a base. The base is probably the most easy part of the house. In this project I will be demonstrating a very simple house for you to practice on and learn the basics.
Tips and tricks:
- Hold the cards with 2 fingers at the top and move very slowly.
- Use a rough surface to practice on, it will make the cards balance a lot easier.
- Bend the cards outwards, it will make it more sturdy.

Step 2: The Ceiling

To build the next level, you will need a floor. To do this, put 2 cards on top of the base that you just built.
Tips and tricks:
- The cards are very slippery, so I cut some of my rough surface and put it on top of the "ceiling"

Step 3: Second Floor

For the second floor, build it just like the base, but with one less stack.
Tips and tricks:
- Make sure all of the stacks on the base are even, or the 2nd story will be unbalanced

Step 4: The 2nd Story Ceiling

Do the same thing that you did with the 1st story ceiling, but with one card this time. Be sure to put your rough material on top, the 3rd story can be very difficult

Step 5: The 3rd Story

Make one stack of cards on top of the ceiling that you just made. Be INSANELY careful with this. If it somehow falls, it will ruin the entire house.

Step 6: The Roof

The roof is really only for risk takers. While I was trying to put on the roof, I broke the house 3 times. The trick to adding the roof is to bend the card so it balances easier.

Step 7: Thanks!

I really appreciate you checking this out, I hope that you learned something new today. Please don't criticize this, I am 13 and only found this out this morning. Please like and subscribe!

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