Card Spring Tutorial (Best Method)

Welcome to this card spring tutorial! this method is the best method i've ever seen EVER!

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Step 1: Front View

now how to hold the cards is you take you ring finger,middle finger, and index finger, and place it on the top left corner. (if right handed reverse these steps so put it on top right corner)

Step 2: Back View

now what you want to do is instead of applying pressure with your thumb, you want to RELEASE pressure with your thumb.

Step 3: Back View

Step 4: Catching Hand

the catching hand is almost as important as the actuel spring itself. your pinky finger is curling as much as you can. your ring finger is curled a little bit but still stretched a lot. your middle finger is stretching out as far as you can, your index finger is stretched out but curled the tiniest bit. and last your thumb is stretched upwards so it can catch the cards and they won't go sliding to the side.

Step 5: Your Finished!

And the last step is practise! practise! practise!

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